Oduman Monster High-end Glass and Stainless Steel Hookah / Shisha

    15,500.00 9,000.00

    It’s a MONSTER! This is one of the coolest designs that Alshan brings in India by Oduman. Oduman makes high quality Hookahs in Turkey, using some of the Best Techniques in the Manufacturing Industry. In this Oduman Monster Hookah you’ll find a Stainless Steel Shisha Stem with Immersion Tube with Diffuser and a Heavy glass with high quality carry bag. It contains washable silicone hose that is easy to clean and ensures you to get the best Shisha Pipes possible from a Manufacturer. This Oduman Monster Glass Hookah comes with colored box, strong and safe packing.

    The package of this hookah consists of Stainless Steel Handle Silicone Hose/Pipe, Smoke column, Immersion Tube with Diffuser, Ashtray, Head Adapter, Kink Protection Mouthpiece and High Quality Carry Bag.